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Easy to Make Poha (Flattened Rice)

Enjoy this savory, light, and nutritious Poha for breakfast or snack. It is easy to make and comes together in minutes.

If you are looking for a minimal prepping, light, and easy vegan breakfast or snack, then poha is one of the healthiest and wholesome meals. It is made using chivda or beaten rice flakes (a common gluten–free staple ingredient in Indian kitchens), peanuts, and vegetables.

poha served in a plate
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Following are some simple tips for how to make poha tasty:

  • Prefer thick chivda for making poha because when you soak thick chivda in water the grains will not stick and the recipe will not turn out mushy.
  • Thoroughly rinse the chivda in a strainer under cold running water and completely drain out the water. Then, keep it aside for 5-7 minutes to soften.
  • If the poha seems dry after cooking, sprinkle 1 to 2 tablespoons of water, cover the pan with a lid, and allow to steam well. 
  • Add sugar to balance the flavors.
  • To make it healthier, you can add a variety of vegetables (finely chopped) such as green peas, capsicum, carrots, cabbage, and potatoes.
  • Garnish with sev (a kind of savory snack made with chickpea flour), onions, pomegranate, coconut flakes, or coriander leaves, and serve with a cup of tea or mint or tamarind chutney.
  • It tastes best when enjoyed immediately; tends to get dry as it cools down.
zoomed in photo of poha in a plate
zoomed in photo of poha served in a plate


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Easy to Make Poha (Flattened Rice)

Course: Breakfasts, SnacksCuisine: Vegan, IndianDifficulty: Easy


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Cooking time


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Healthy, savory, and light traditional western Indian dish made using beaten rice flakes and veggies.


  • 3 cups thick to medium poha (flattened rice flakes)

  • 2 Tbsp vegetable oil or ghee

  • ½ cup raw peanuts

  • ½ Tbsp mustard seeds

  • 10-12 curry leaves

  • 1 medium green chilli, finely chopped

  • ½ tsp turmeric

  • ⅛ tsp red chilli powder

  • ⅛ tsp black pepper powder

  • 1 tsp salt

  • 1 ½ tsp sugar

  • 1 Tbsp fresh lime juice

  • For Garnishing
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped

  • 3 – 4 Tbsp pomegranate

  • 2 – 3 Tbsp grated dry coconut (can also use fresh coconut)


  • Take medium to thick rice flakes or poha and rinse at least twice using a strainer.
  • Drain the water completely and keep the rinsed poha aside for 5-7 minutes, not more than that otherwise poha will turn mushy and won’t taste good.
  • Add oil to a pan over medium heat. Once the oil is hot, add peanuts and sauté for a minute or two until they turn slightly brown and fragrant.
  • Transfer the peanuts to a bowl and set aside.
  • To the same pan with oil, add mustard seeds and let them pop, then add curry leaves and green chilli and sauté for a minute or two.
  • Add turmeric, red chilli powder, black pepper powder, rinsed poha, salt, sugar, and roasted peanuts. Mix well, cover the pan, and cook for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Turn off the heat when the poha has softened. If the poha feels dry then sprinkle some water and cover the pan and cook for 1-2 mins.
  • Squeeze in some fresh lime juice. Garnish the poha with onions, pomegranate, and coconut.
  • Serve fresh, and enjoy!


  • You can add other vegetables (finely chopped) such as green peas, boiled potatoes, carrots and cauliflowers after Step 5 and cook until they become soft.

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